Here it is! Our first of many posts to come to you, dear reader.

Find the latest in travel tech info and how to maneuver around it in case you are a newbie in the field.  To start off, let's give you a quick run down on who we are and what exactly it is that we do..

Maraekat Infotech is a 22+ year old company that's been dabbling in the Tourism and Hospitality industries creating software during times in which people hadn't even begun to comprehend the word - "computer".. We moved seamlessly from DOS systems, to Windows, then the .coms and now towards the Mobile era. So suffice it to say that we're quite possibly pioneers in the travel and forex tech domains.

Our keen analysts have been monitoring the ever changing trends in th
e technology scenario and developing next-gen products that are being implemented by companies like - Thomas Cook, Weizmann Forex, Paul Merchants, Mercury Travels, etc for the betterment of their business processes globally -

Here's a quick list of our offerings (although, a thorough description has been posted to our website) -

Advanced Web based Exchange on Net (the complete ERP for Forex companies big and small)

Tour management system with a B2C website (API-free)

Gold Loan Software

B2C portals for forex and travel

B2B sub- agent management systems

Corporate booking engines for companies and travel agents

Mobile applications for any of the above ..

We hope to have you glued to our posts for the more information on the travel tech scene and hopefully, to resolve any doubts you may have about how to go about installing technology for your organization.

Contact us on these numbers or this email address feel free to send us any feedback! Thanks for reading..!

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