This is what corporate travelers REALLY want..

A year after Maraekat Infotech developed its Corporate Booking System, let's go over the reasons why this was a truly groundbreaking addition to our repertoire.  For brick and mortar travel agents across the globe, the online realities are still something to come to terms with.  The e-booking revolution continues to eat away at margins obtained from individual travelers.  But what's more, is that this is slowly creeping into the corporate atmosphere in the form of those late night employees who book their last minute sales meetings online, that Vice President who simply cannot wait for the agent to revert with corrected flight schedules, that employee who's never given a seat-selection option through her agent.

These silent revolters are eroding the profits of travel agents and all because they think they see a better deal online.  So here's what our solution is all about -

1. A simple way for employees to book at any time from any place, using anything from a computer, laptop, tablet to mobile.

2. A way for the travel agent and the company to keep a permanent record of all travel timings/expenses/preferences.

3. A way to translate each buck spent into money saved/money earned and see it reflect in the final accounting systems of both companies.

4. Most importantly, the ease of operation for any employee, at any level on the hierarchical ladder.

The final result? See a tangible and proven reduction in travel costs through a system that empowers management and employees alike.  So if you're looking to find more information, come sit with us or just email us on this link and we can set up a demonstration.

Look forward to your comments and viewpoints, 

Team Maraekat!

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