Travel agent special - 5 ways to boost revenue without high investments

When I ask someone to name some of the largest organizations today, chances are, that most of the names will be enterprises that were founded over the internet.  Most of them having begun in the small backroom of an apartment by a visionary carrying nothing but a laptop.  This is the dream for most travel companies too and most of them will shirk it away knowing that the travel business is much more than convenient booking and cheap online offers. It takes more than just the click of a mouse to convince a person to finally take that break with his family or go visit Vietnam this February.  So here's what you COULD actually do from the convenience of that backroom.,

1. Take your business to the customer -

We're not saying that you go door to door asking customers to take vacations. No. But consider this - the average person's work schedule coupled with increasing traffic makes it near impossible for him to visit you on weekdays. Unfortunately, work and traffic are the biggest motivators to go on a vacation - that and an upcoming holiday season. But, what if you had a way for your client to sit in the comfort of his home and browse through your collection of tours and packages? That could be an idea worth investing in and it wouldn't even require a large amount.

2. Increase your visibility -

Think about your home street. Have you noticed any new shops there recently? They probably  have lights and banners out on their opening night.  That's how you get the neighborhood to notice you. Luckily, you don't need to buy lights and print banners.  You only need a page on the common social portals - facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, etc, etc.  These are all free but each page will add an extra spotlight to your business and you can feature your individuality online.  Eventually you could add a few bucks to the advertising budgets.

3. Pool your friends in -

Travel companies offer a broad category of services - flights, hotels, cars, cruises, tours, fixed packages - if you can find a way to tie up with a complementary agency, then that would bring your resources together and start an online initiative that allows you to feature different services.  Bonus benefit - you get to offer more services online and split the costs.

4. Speak to an expert -

Most technology companies these days wouldn't hesitate to offer you some great advice to begin with.  Online portals are not a one-size-fits-all and there are a wide variety of options you could explore.  The key thing to assess beforehand is to have a picture of what kind of a service you would like to be known as.  Website design and looks are just as important as the how well the website works and you should never compromise on either of the above.  If you do your research well, you only need to invest once and can reap the benefit of the website for at least the next 5 years.

5. Keep it simple -

Everyone reading this line will say, well of course that's the number one key.  And yet, we see so many websites that lose out on customers simply because there is TOO much data.  The website somewhat resembles an aggressively pushy sales agent who ultimately causes the customer to leave. By keeping it simple, you can effectively reduce your development cost and time as well as keep your clients engaged with meaningful data he can use in order to make a decision.

We'll leave you with these simple steps to keep in mind for any future ventures in technology.  You can find more information on our website or simply call us on these numbers for some excellent tips on starting small but finishing strong. Thanks for reading!

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