How Artificial Intelligence is changing the Travel & Tourism Industry

The use of artificial intelligence or AI in travel technology is increasing at a very fast pace due to the growth of online travel business. A survey reports that online travel sales will soon cross $800 billion. Here’s how the travel industry will benefit.

Increased productivity Airlines may be using AI for tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming already, thereby freeing up human attention for tasks that require creativity and human decisions. This will help increase productivity in the airline industry immensely. AI gives travel agents relevant suggestions and they can use this information for better travel bookings and travel packages.

Data processing AI can deal with a lot of data at once quickly and effectively. The same work will take humans a long period of time to accomplish. This means soon there will be more automation in businesses which will speed up transactions and increase profit. AI basically helps travel agents provide a better travel experience by providing extra assistance to research.

Customer service AI saves time and money overall. The technology can assist customers in several ways such as powering chatbots and messaging apps which are already in use. It does all of this very quickly in a time period that’s faster than human thinking. AI can learn from each user interaction and use the data for better user engagement.

Reputation management AI can be used to listen effectively to stuff like social media comments and guest reviews. Therefore, you will be able to get analytics for a range of things which will help you manage your online reputation better. This will help you develop a better online presence and bring in more travel sales.

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