Key Trends in the Travel Technology Domain

Remember ‘The Jetsons’? That cartoon reality may not be so far away as there’s a lot of innovation in today’s world—especially in travel technology which is experiencing a premium period. Travel sales are increasing with each passing year. Current trends reveal that the travel industry reached over 1 trillion dollars over the past few years. With the speedy pace of change in technology there’s a lot of innovation that’s taking place in the travel technology domain. Robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are technologies which are slowly taking over and they will revolutionize the travel industry in the near future.

Robotics Robots are becoming easier to design and train, and increasingly cheaper to manufacture. The robotics market is almost worth 100 billion dollars currently and in the near future it will be worth $300 billion. You have to be careful while using robots, however, because they may not be relevant to the industry and they may have a negative impact on surroundings or pose a security threat.

Artificial intelligence In our previous blog post, we talked about AI in the travel and tourism domain. Sales of travel business online will cross $800 billion in a few years. This will result in increased productivity, better data processing, speedier customer service and better reputation management.

Augmented reality Augmented reality really improves your travel experience. Interactive hotel bookings will ensure a 3D view of the hotel which customers can check before booking the hotel room. Augmented reality will also enrich tourism by providing suggestions for Wi-fi hotspots and weather forecasts in an interactive way.

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