Artificial Intelligence can help detect Mental Health Issues

In the future, technology will help contribute to a healthier and happier world! For a more accurate diagnosis for mental health issues AI will soon aid mental health professionals. 

Researchers are developing ways to ensure that mental health issues can be detected early on with the help of artificial intelligence. Mental health issues which are difficult to detect are easily detected with the help of artificial intelligence. A portion of the population suffers from mental health issues and that number may rise significantly due to unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition. AI can now detect illnesses such as depression a few months prior to the patient getting a formal diagnosis from a mental health professional. AI can detect mental health issues much faster with the help of algorithms and mental health professionals will work with AI to help cure patients.

Patient-doctor conversations will be replaced by artificial intelligence helping the process of diagnosing patients properly. Currently, diagnosing patients is dependent on a doctor listening to a patient and this method is said to be unreliable and subjective. There’s a way to experimentally detect day-to-day speech using AI to detect mental decline objectively.

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